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Santa Fe Pride and Human Rights Alliance
Santa Fe Pride and Human Rights Alliance4 days ago
The 2022 Legislative Session is going on now! Please contact your legislators about Modernizing the Human Rights Act House Bill 192. Want to know why - email info@hrasantafe.org. We support the work of EQNM and their legislative initiatives that support the LGBTQIA community. #eqnm #hrasantafe #humanrights #prideisinourblood
Santa Fe Pride and Human Rights Alliance
Santa Fe Pride and Human Rights Alliance5 days ago
Seriously 💯


Image Description:

A hand-drawn woman stands in front of a square background. The background consists of an inner, bright magenta square with a darker magenta border all the way around it. The border has a random dotted pattern on it in the brighter magenta.

The woman has a deep, rich brown skin and a pink aura around her. She is wearing a midriff halter top and a flowing skirt in the same color as her aura. Her outfit has lots of small white polka dots all over, white dotted trim, and some lacy dotted accents around her neckline. She is wearing big, golden tear-drop earrings made of multiple strands. She also has on a necklace and two bracelets, all made of multiple strands too. She is also wearing red lipstick and white eyeshadow. Her black hair is long, wavy, and slightly pulled back at the base of her head. Her black eyebrows are thick and arched. Her eyes are a slightly lighter brown than her skin. One hand is held out to the side, palm up. Her other hand is raised to her face, the back of her fingers almost brushing her face.

She stares off into the distance. A salmon-colored speech bubble with white text is on the left, above her extended hand.

The text reads, "If someone's liberation upsets you, there is a good chance you were benefitting from their oppression."

The artist's watermark is in the bottom right corner in white lettering: @illustracee


Art by @illustracee