Our Team

Our executive leadership team is poised to make 2020 one of the best years yet for HRA Santa Fe. 

Kevin A. Bowen

President and Treasurer (he/him/his)

As a progressive leader in the Health/Fitness and Pilates profession for over 25 years, he is the Co-founder, past President, and former Executive Director of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and was featured in numerous local, national, and international television segments on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and NPR. Kevin is also a regular contributor to publications such as Pilates Style, The Wall Street Journal, IDEA Fitness Journal.

Kevin has been proud to call Santa Fe home twice in his life– once during the late ’80s and again now. He is the owner and director of Core Dynamics Pilates and joined HRA’s  Board in 2019 to help reinvigorate the organization, assist in setting up much-needed systems and community outreach programs and support the LGBTQ community as the organization enters this new decade.

Calvin Brandi Fields

Secretary (he/him/his)

A true staple of Santa Fe’s scene, Calvin Brandi Fields has been involved in HRA’s success, as well as many charities in and around Santa Fe and neighboring communities. Brandi has had a remarkable track record, raising thousands of dollars for many of Santa Fe’s non-profit businesses.

Most notably, Brandi’s Oscar Party is one of Santa Fe’s staples for fundraising, raising for such organizations as Adelante’s Homeless Fund, The Santa Fe Animal Shelter, and countless others! HRA is is proud to have her extensive wisdom as part of our Executive Board.

Mark Westberg

Board Member (they/them/theirs)

Mark is a local to Santa Fe, NM, but originally hail from Seattle, WA. He graduated with a degree in theater performance from Santa Fe University of Art & Design in 2014. He considers himself an artist, theater and film actor (SAG/AFTRA), musician/songwriter, and an activist with a particular focus in LGBTQ+ and mentally divergent civil rights and justice.

He also deeply identifies with all of these communities on a personal level. He has worked in collaboration with Pride 2018 on the T-shirt design and feels honored to be officially on board.

In his off-time, he enjoys traveling, Halloween, Pagan holidays, world cuisine, his friends and family, and his siblings (aka, his cats).

Mark currently resides in Santa Fe, but hales from the great city of Seattle!

Ashley Castaneda

Board Member (she/her/hers)

Ashley Castaneda, has been an active member and supporter for LGBTQ+ and human rights since attending the Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

Ashley is Safe Zone trained, and offers a safe space to those that need it.

Laura Reich

Board Member (she/her/hers)


Laura Reich is a retired Geoscientist and worked for over 25 years in the Energy Industry as an Oil & Gas Exploration Geophysicist and mid-level Manager where she worked large scale projects in multiple regions around the world, including the Permian Basin of southeast New Mexico. After retiring from Marathon Oil Corporation, Laura and her spouse Debbie left Houston, TX and moved to Santa Fe, NM in 2016. Laura has both a B.S and M.S in Geosciences from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and is a Veteran of the Wisconsin Air National Guard (USAF). Yes, she loves the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Brewers! Laura’s hobbies are gardening, hiking, travel, reading, cultural activities, and volunteering to make a difference.

Shontez ‘Taz’ Morris

Board Member (she/her/hers)

A true inspiration for the Human Rights Alliance, Taz brings a wealth of community development and leadership experience to our team. She sits on the Advisory Board for Leadership Santa Fe, and has been the force behind some of Meow Wolf’s hottest artistic talent! Her leadership and invaluable personality have dramatically enhanced HRA’s community impact!

Julie Johnston (she/her/hers)

Board Member

Julie has lived in Santa Fe County since the ’80s. In the year 2000, she co-founded the LGBTQ+ Diversity Working Group (now PRISM) at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She also co-founded the Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund. As a retired technical training specialist, and previously a middle teacher, Julie continues to actively support the local community. She tutors at the Pueblo of Pojoaque and is an instructor at Ski Santa Fe. Julie’s passion for education is evident through her HRA role. Assisting others with enjoying life and focusing on the future is her goal.

Divina Luz

Board Member (she/her/hers)

My name is Divina Luz and I am happy and honored to be able to uplift the Human spirit by representing the Transgender community in New Mexico.

As a Transgender Woman I know the importance of educating people when it comes to our community with an empathizing voice yet a strong presence.

Mental health is very important and as a survivor of trauma and abuse I understand the healing process and I share my experience and hope with others via Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and my recent endeavor, my YouTube channel Divinely Divina.

I know the prejudice and discrimination that can derive from misinformed cultural, religious, and or fundamentally unbalanced societies and my goal is to bring on a united acceptance and understanding perception from the rest of humanity when it pertains to basic Human rights whether it be from the suffering and bellitlement of a group, society, culture or just a sole individual.

Moment by moment we all can take small steps with our choices to create a better future for each other in the New World consciousness that is evolving disintegrating the previously oppressive mentality that we have all been mislead in believing.

Together we can achieve a brighter future for Humanity and for our beautiful future generations to come.

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