LGBTQIA+ Senior Resources

A list of resources for LGBTQIA+ Senior to help them age with dignity

As we celebrate progress in LGBTQIA+ rights, it’s essential to recognize that many seniors of this community have lived through times when acceptance and visibility were scarce. Growing up in an era marked by prejudice and discrimination, they often faced immense societal pressures to hide their true selves, leading to a lifetime of secrecy and internal struggles.

For LGBTQIA+ seniors, the journey into their golden years can be fraught with obstacles. Many have experienced rejection from family members, lost partners and friends to the AIDS epidemic, and faced discrimination in healthcare settings. These accumulated adversities can contribute to higher rates of mental health issues, loneliness, and financial insecurity among LGBTQIA+ seniors.

However, amidst these challenges, there’s resilience, strength, and an unwavering commitment to living authentically. LGBTQIA+ seniors bring a wealth of wisdom, courage, and unique perspectives to our communities. Their stories are testaments to the power of resilience and the enduring spirit of love.

As we strive for a more inclusive society, it’s imperative to create spaces that honor and support LGBTQIA+ seniors. This includes advocating for policies that protect their rights, providing accessible healthcare services that address their specific needs, and fostering communities where they can feel seen, valued, and celebrated.

Moreover, it’s essential for younger generations to listen, learn, and amplify the voices of LGBTQIA+ seniors. By bridging the generation gap and fostering intergenerational connections, we can create a more cohesive and compassionate society.

In closing, let’s celebrate the resilience, bravery, and rich contributions of LGBTQIA+ seniors. Let’s work together to ensure that they can age with dignity, respect, and the unwavering knowledge that they are loved and accepted just as they are. In embracing diversity, we enrich not only our communities but also our collective humanity.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of resources to further support LGBTQIA+ seniors on their journey. Whether you’re seeking information, community connections, or assistance, these resources are here to provide guidance and support. Let’s continue to uplift and empower one another as we navigate the path toward equality and inclusion.

LGBTQIA+ Senior Resources

(214) 741-2247
SAGE USA is an advocacy organization that promotes equality for members of the LGBTQIA+ community across the United States. It provides services such as education for caregivers and family members, advocacy for elders, and counseling for LGBTQIA+ seniors who’ve faced discrimination or unfair treatment.

National Resource Center on LGBTQ+ Aging
(212) 741-2247
Funded by SAGE USA, the National Resource Center on LGBTQ+ Aging provides technical assistance and support for LGBTQIA+ seniors in every state. It features an online library stocked with guides, reports and webinars, as well as education for caregivers, community members and family members.

LGBTQ+ Elder Hotline
(877) 360-5428
The LGBTQ+ Elder Hotline is available 24 hours a day to provide LGBTQIA+ seniors with mental health support and access to local or state resources.

Human Rights Campaign- Health & Aging
(800) 777-4723
The HRC’s Health & Aging page is dedicated to helping LGBTQIA+ seniors and adults find appropriate health care and living options. It provides a Healthcare Equality Index and a Long-Term Care Equality Index to help seniors access necessary services without the risk of discrimination or mistreatment.

National LGBTQ Task Force
(202) 393-5177
The LGBTQ Task Force is a nonprofit organization driven by LGBTQIA+ persons and allies. Its mission is to advance justice and equality for LGBTQIA+ people in all areas, including politics, health care, law enforcement, and senior care.
“” offers a dedicated guide to senior living for LGBTQIA+ adults. It provides tailored resources and information on inclusive housing options, including assisted living facilities and retirement communities. The website aims to support LGBTQIA+ seniors and their loved ones in finding safe and welcoming environments for their later years.

Financial Assistance for LGBTQIA+ Seniors

SAGECents helps elderly members of the LGBTQIA+ community learn how to improve their financial well-being through an array of resources and tools available online. This includes help finding benefit programs and tips for increasing their credit scores.

Senior Rainbow Assistance Program
This nonprofit organization offers an array of services for LGBTQIA+ seniors 55 and older. Services include rent and mortgage assistance and help with related expenses such as groceries and utilities. To qualify, seniors must demonstrate financial need.

Veterans Affairs Benefits
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides health care services for veterans and their immediate family members and financial help for seniors requiring home health care, assisted living, or nursing care.

Social Security Survivors Benefits
Widows, widowers, and other dependents of eligible workers may qualify for survivor benefits after a loved one dies. This benefit is paid monthly and is based on the amount of the deceased’s benefit.

LGBTQIA+ Friendly Retirement Communities & Independent Living in New Mexico

The Montecito Santa Fe
(505) 428-7777
The Montecito in Santa Fe offers personalized services, including supervision, case management, medication monitoring, and daily health reminders. Although no longer marketed as an LGBTQIA+ community, residents of all backgrounds enjoy an inclusive environment where differences are celebrated.

Birds of a Feather
(505) 757-2901
Birds of a Feather offers LGBTQIA+ seniors architect-designed or custom-built homes in a forested area. Community features include fireplaces, double-car garages, and outdoor spaces. Choose contemporary or Southwestern/Pueblo styles.



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