Well, we have made it through the first nine days of this New Year and have already had our first Equal Grounds Coffee of 2024 and we will be hosting our first PRIDE After 5 at The Mystic tomorrow evening.

HRA will also be participating in the LGBTQ+ Roundtable and Legislative lobbying day on Thursday, January 25, at the Roundhouse here in Santa Fe. We will be actively involved in helping plan and coordinate the State’s first LGBTQ+ summit later this year. 

We are now at the beginning of our crunch time for the production of PRIDE 2024. We are focused on growing the success of our 30th anniversary PRIDE celebration last year. We aim to increase our attendance numbers this year to 11,000 participants from our record-breaking number last year of 9100. Creating a large, visible, and active presence for PRIDE is essential for us as a community on so many levels, especially here in Sant Fe, our State’s capital. This year, more than ever, with Democracy being on the ballot, we as a community need to be front and center to ensure that Human Rights for all, especially our marginalized populations, are safeguarded and guaranteed.

Producing PRIDE has become an enormous undertaking and requires a village to help create, produce, and staff. Please consider volunteering, sponsoring, participating in the parade, taking a booth, or all of the above for PRIDE 2024. We have sponsorships available from $250.00 up to $10,000.00.

If you have another idea of how to help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly at kevinb@hrasantafe.org.

In good health and solidarity!